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Svelte Brides by Victoria

Hello, I came across a similar article and comments from a Duct Tape Marketing blog. Among other things, they suggested a)giving a straightforward and succinct intro at the beginning of the email, with more detailed info or links to video, podcasts, etc later on; b) maintaining a casual but respectful tone (too formal was a turn-off, and too "buddy-buddy" was also annoying); and c) thinking about what you could offer the person or company you are pitching to make it win-win; and d) not using a template or form-letter-looking email- these got deleted a lot more quickly when you have to quickly scan 100's of emails!

Info along these lines is very useful to someone like me who is relatively new to the blogging world, so thanks for posting this and I hope this helps someone else!


Very useful information, thank you for researching & sharing. I have a blog that I know I do not utilize as I should. Hopefully using these strategies, the ones listed in the comment above mine & the full post Resourceful Mommy I can begin to take my blog to the next level.

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